Printability is determined by the quality of the substrate in use, the adjustment and quality of the printing ink, anilox roll, machine specifications and by the plate system being used.

In order to achieve an acceptable, reproducible result, certain plate systems have been chosen as standards to ensure enhanced printability of substrates and to allow the ink to perform optimally. There are many different plate, tape, carrier and support combinations in the market, varying in thickness, compressibility and durometer. Increasingly thinner and harder photopolymer plate materials, on compressible supports, are replacing the conventional systems of years past. We accept that the world is changing, and we can adapt to new conditions. However, not every customer has the resources to be at the leading edge of technology, and we do not overlook their needs. In coping with a changing marketplace and competing pressures, we welcome the opportunity to join our customers in communications that will help us both to grow and understand our needs.

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