The Breast Cancer Site
Click on this site, and help provide free mamograms! ( thanks )

How NASCAR Race Cars Work
Whatever you want to know about the frame, body, engine etc.

National Weather Service in Ohio
Forecasts for Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton. As stated on the site: "Our most important duties involve issuing severe weather watches and warnings, and forecasts for this region. We provide forecasts for the aviation community, and climatological data for the three major metropolitan areas."

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
A different picture for every day! Recent photos include "Messiers and Mars", "Colorful Clouds Of Carina", and the Close up of the "Face on Mars"

Perpetual Bubblewrap
Waste away some valuable time, or get rid of your frustrations

The singing cow
Play the piano keys and make "moo-sic" , or just pick a button for
a pre-recorded ditty!

Singing Horses
If you don't like singing cows, maybe horses are your thing!

The Loaf of Bread Cam
For my "SICK" friends who would rather watch a loaf of bread go stale, than to watch corn grow!

"This "RANT" has been read by millions". This may be an opinion you have, and thought you were alone!

You can change anything with this kaliedioscope. Have Fun!

When Life Was In Black & White
Get a cup of coffee, and spend 10 minutes of
"remembering" when life was in black and white.

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