Electronic File Standards

PROGRAMS ACCEPTED: We can accept the following programs:
  • Aldus FreeHand Mac Version 8.0 or lower

  • Adobe Illustrator Mac Version 8.0 or lower

  • Quark Xpress Mac Version 3.3 or lower

  • Adobe Photoshop Mac Version 3.0 or lower

  • Adobe Pagemaker Mac Version 6.5 or lower

FONT INFORMATION: convert Text to Paths (outline art). Text then becomes an object and cannot be edited as text. If this is not possible, send all Screen and Printer Fonts used for all art.
COLORS: When assigning a color to art or text, for process or spot colors, please use a PMS color.

FILE INFORMATION: Include all eps and tiff files used in creating the document. We need a copy of all original files used in creating this document. ALWAYS keep a copy of the file(s). DO NOT send the only copy!!! Please include a Document report and a Preference file for the disk so that we can verify we have all the information. Please include the following information with your disk:

  • Directory showing the file(s) on the disk.

  • Hard copy of the artwork, and special instructions.

  • Match print or color proof.

  • These prints let us know what is included on the disk and all print information needed.


  • MACINTOSH only 3.5 diskettes

  • MACINTOSH only 44mb, 88mb Syquest drive

  • MACINTOSH only 135 mb Syquest EZ-Drive

  • MACINTOSH only 100 mb Iomega Zip drive

  • MACINTOSH only 1.5 gb Iomega Jazz Drive

  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Following these instructions does not guarantee the art will output. Disk artwork that requires additional modifications will be performed at the rate of $65.00 per hour. If any of the above are not possible, please send in Camera Ready Art (film or print).

    GOAL: To faithfully reproduce and maintain the integrity of your design. To ensure cleaner hassle-free electronic files.

    E-MAIL: For quotations and information: salesandservice@flexoplate.com
    To submit artwork and files: graphics@flexoplate.com

    If you would like to transfer files via our on-line FTP server, contact customer service for a password and visit our Download page for free FTP software.

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