Installation Instructions for FTP Software
How to Install Coffee Cup Free FTP

Here are instructions on how to install and configure Coffee Cup Free FTP software for Windows computers:

  • Download Coffee Cup Free FTP software from our Download page. You will save the file

  • Unzip the file you download "". If you don't have an "unzip" utility, you can download one from our Download page.

  • After unzipping, you will find a file called "setup.exe". Double-click the file to begin the installation. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

  • Start Coffee Cup Free FTP. You will find the program under your START menu and the last program listed under PROGRAMS.

  • Click the large Plus button near the top left of the screen. This will display a screen where you can add your account information. If you need to setup a FTP account with us, please e-mail us at We will e-mail you your account name and password.

  • Enter the following information on the "Add a New FTP Server" screen:
    Name: Flexoplate, Inc.
    Click Requires Username And Password and type:
    Your User Name
    Your Password
    Click "COOL" to save the screen.

  • Click the large Connect button (looks like a lightning bolt on the top left of the screen). Double-click Flexoplate, Inc. to make your connection.

Sending Us Your Files

After connecting, you will see two folders: incoming and proofs. To send us your files, simply drag your file from your hard drive (shown on the left) into the INCOMING folder.

File Name Standard
Please remove any spaces in your file name and include the date at the beginning. You can use a dash "-" instead of a space for clarity. Here is an example:

Downloading Files

To copy files to your computer, double-click the PROOFS folder. Drag any of the files you wish to download onto a folder on your computer (shown on the left). When you drop the file onto your folder, it will begin copying automatically.

After downloading, you should be able to load the file into the appropriate software application. Files ending in "PDF" are viewable using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is already loaded on most Windows computers. If you are unable to view these files, you can download the latest reader from Adobe's Website at

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